Perhaps the needle has moved a bit

So I went to panel discussion I mentioned in my last post.  It went pretty much as I expected: two transition stories and a discussion of the hosting firm’s policies.  There was talk of ‘transition teams’ and the all important ‘bathroom concerns’.  (Yes, using a bathroom is important – but I have never seen the reason for everyone to get so concerned.  We all do the same things in there – and usually in a stall.  Why this is such a traumatic thing still eludes me – but it is and it needs to be addressed, so there you are.)

All in all, I was pleased that the firm has as well thought out and defined policies as they do.  In fact, it was rather refreshing to hear us ‘discussed’ positively.  But, one thing still bothered me: where would I fit into these policies.  They seemed to be focused on transitioning and how to manage that.  They seemed to assume that one would move from ‘male to female‘ or ‘female to male‘ and that the end result would be clearly defined.  In short, it all seemed oh so binary.

Being the great orator that I am, I waited until after the official Q&A to speak to the HR Diversity rep who was on the panel.  I asked her now someone like me would fit in.  I related the story of my ‘transition’ (as others seem intent on calling it) and how I identify and waited.   I was pleased to hear that their policies were not so rigid and that rather than having a ‘process’ in place, they really looked at each person individually.  One would think that was a given, but HR can be a funny about stuff.  We chatted for a few more minutes and I will say that I left feeling rather good about it all – a pleasant surprise to be honest.


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