She’s Back…

My poor sad neglected blog…  I have had such good intentions – so many things I have wanted to say…  But I cannot seem to be motivated to write them up.   I am hoping that this entry will be the reboot – my opportunity to start over…  Time will tell.

So what has happened of such a significance, to prompt me to tippity-type into the ether once again?

More Railroad Fun


Ten years ago, I posted about Riding the Long Island Railroad and unintentional collection of nine years worth of data with respect to how I am gendered by the conductors on the train.  Since then, I have continued to save my monthly passes, to where I now have about 18 years worth of passes – all punched either male or female – and a few punched in-between.  Every month, my ‘gendering’ is recorded in a very tangible manner – and it has been a very very long time since this has happened to me:


Wow, what a mess!

The conductor took my ticket, punched it (male,) and handed it back.  Then a few seconds later, fumbled about and finally said, “I made a mistake, can I have that back for a sec?”  I handed him my ticket, which he re-punched as female and then circled the first (male) punch and wrote PIE (punched in error.)

I had to smile because I have so many tickets punched as female, and tickets punched as male, but only a few where they have been ‘corrected’ – and I have them ‘corrected’ both ways: punched male then female, and punched female and then male.  The whole thing is rather silly really, but as long as they keep punching them, I’ll keep saving them.

Short and Sassy


I got an haircut this past weekend.  Please do try and contain your excitement. 🙂

It was getting too long – which means it was taking me too long to do my hair and have it not come out looking good.  So, off I went to get it cleaned up.  I intended to have it re-layered and takes an inch off, but it wound being much shorter.  I was concerned at first, but I have to say I like the way it looks.  The truth is when it gets too long, instead of looking more feminine, it looks more like ‘aging rock star’ which is so not the look I’m going for.

At work today, a few people complimented me on my hair, which always feels nice.  One in particular stopped by my desk to chat and catch up.  She commented right away, “I like your haircut!”  I smiled somewhat awkwardly (I still am not good at being complimented) and said, “Thanks – I thought it was about time.”  She smiled and said, “It’s short and sassy for spring!”

I have written before (in Girl Talk and Girl Talk Redux) how my conversations with women have evolved over time (especially with friends at work) so I wasn’t surprised by our chat. But what did catch off guard was the ‘sassy’ part. I have had many adjectives applied to me over my lifetime, but ‘sassy’ has only ever been used twice: once by another friend at work, and then again today. It is one of those words that, to me at least, contains no hint of masculinity to it. It is a word women reserve for use with one another. It is a word that evoked an at first uncomfortable but then ultimately happy feeling.

And yes, I have been known to over analyze things just a bit now and then. 😉

I know that we should not look to others for validation, but I cannot deny how good a compliment from a friend can make one feel. I even caught myself a few times during the day, running my fingers through the short flipped up ends of my hair and smiling.



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