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What’s in a Name

  “Hey Donna!” Jasmine, one of the women at the registers, waves me over to take my order. I have been frequenting a Starbucks on my way to the office. When asked for my name, I have been using Donna – which has been my ‘online’ name for the past twenty years. I also use […]

Regards to Captain Dunsel

McCoy: Dunsel? Who the blazes is Captain Dunsel? (cut to Chekov and Sulu, both expressing uncomfortable recognition of the reference) McCoy: What does it mean, Jim? (Kirk slowly exits the bridge without a word) McCoy: Spock? What does it mean? Spock: Dunsel, Doctor, is a term used by midshipmen at Starfleet Academy.  It refers to […]


I’ve not written in a while. It’s not for a lack of topics (I have a lot I want to write about) but more a matter of time and motivation. I have been insanely busy at work – and not in a good way. I don’t mind busy – I can even thrive on it […]

Objects in the Rear View Mirror…

“Objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer then they are.” A great Jim Steinman / Meatloaf song full of over-the-top angst wherein the singer reflects on moments of his younger days. We all have memories we tuck away and all but forget about – but now and then something stirs them and it […]

Undoing Gender Stereotyping

Please click and read : One teachers approach to preventing gender bullying in a classroom This is such a great article.  Please reblog! 🙂 Shows how gender stereotyping effects everyone and how easily it can be overcome when someone cares.  I only wish more teachers took initiative like this.

Wanting what I have

My wife and I don’t talk. Not that we’re silent around one another, but we don’t talk about important things – things which when left unsaid only serve to widen the gap between us. We don’t talk about sex – who’s satisfied, who’s not. We don’t talk about my transness – at least not seriously. […]

Miss White Pickett Fence

This is from about a year ago, posted to the mHB boards. I have recently been thinking about this and thought it relevant to share.

So, who’s that ‘guy’ over there?

Nothing triggers dysphoric anxiety quite like the idea of having do the suit and tie thing for some ‘formal’ event…

Grief, Loss and Change

I think that as transpeople, we often fail to recognize or acknowledge how our change – coming out, transition, whatever – effects those closest in our lives. We downplay the idea that the others in our life feel a real sense of loss – profound loss – and that there is grief associated with that […]


Coming out as trans practically guarantees one a loss of status as a viable person and therefore a loss of respect as a person. We become something ‘unreal’ or ‘impossible’ – we have every aspect of our being called into question – we become ‘incompetent’, no longer able to do tasks or make decisions we […]


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